These documentary styled paintings are all done with the assistance of those portrayed coordinating their own photo shoots and celebrating their vocations or hobbies. Together we work on how the portrait should be handled. Each participant writes his or her own biography and ends it with a positive note for all of us to ponder and live by!  Please view the entire collection at:





A judged show of the members of the Nebraska Panhandle artist guild, the "Box Butte Art Society" 






Priscilla Sandoz of Gering, NE and a native of Alliance, NE. Her work consists of brightly colored oil paintings that fracture realistic subject matter, the result of which strongly references cubism and impressionistic movements. Her works cover a broad range of subject matter, everything from common household items, to local buildings in Alliance, Scottsbluff, and Gering, to images of the plains.Priscilla’s pieces lend a new perspective to traditional still lifes and western subject matter.


Tom Samson lives in Minatare, NE and began his career in art as a wood worker, creating detailed carvings of animal wild

life. Tom does a few carvings now but mainly works in scratchboard. As opposed to building up an image by drawing on paper, the surface you start with in scratchboard is completely black. You have to take away from the surface by scraping off the black reveal your subject. Tom’s subject matter revolves around plains scenery and plains wildlife.




Megan Johnson is an Alliance Native.  She is the owner of Murphy's Grooming and Owl Grove Metaphysics.  Her animal and human works represen the essence of spirit, a mirrror, a portal from your soul using color, symbols and love. 







Spenser Albertsen has always had a fascination and love of painting as well as a considerable capacity for the form. He has often experimented in different mediums from artistic sound design and compositions, digital performance arts pieces to illustration and small-scale mixed media works. His main passion is in medium - large-scale oil paintings. The subject matter is a minimalistic composition juxtaposed with stylized, expressionistic portraiture. Spenser attended the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and graduated in 2011 with a major in Studio Fine Arts with a secondary emphasis in Graphic Design. He currently resides in Kansas City, MO.















-"LAND OF HOPE" by Marcus Cadman




In Nebraska the sky is always prevalent.  Mysterious, enchantingly beautiful, and at times foreboding, it is inescapably entwined into the fabric of our daily lives.  What might you see when you look into the sky?

Impact is a non-profit Nebraska visual arts organization.  It was founded in 1985 with a mission to educate through outreach programs and exhibitions.  From its inception, Impact has been recognized for its record of professionalism and creative expression. Member artists work in a broad range of disciplines, styles, and directions. Membership is limited to twenty-five Nebraska artists. 




WNCC Art Instructor.  

Over the years, I’ve explored many themes and subjects, including landscape, cityscape, still life, and figure, in a variety of media.  I’ve been interested in responding to situations and issues life present to us in a more symbolic way.

My ever-present interest in the human figure, human character, and state of mind is given a wide playing field in these more abstract works. I often use the human figure and patterns as a metaphor for an emotional state or a personification of different character traits.








-Ericka Pritchard


This exhibit is a visual documentary of the artist's grandparents Grace and Carl. The images depict their story as wife takes on the role of caretaker for her husband who suffers from dementia.  It is not only a testament to the resilliance and strength of Grace, but to the love and dedication of a couple in the last stage of their lives.




-Steph Mantooth


"All Who Wander Are Not Lost"

-The exhibit was a photographic passage through 5 countries, by 5 women of 3 generations, in 21 days.  It included a little sight seeing, 1 wedding, and reconnecting with long lost heritage.  



"Holiday Show"

-Anne Burkholder and Allen Smith


From blue hazed horizons to rocky courses these two masters take us on a visual tour of Nebraska's lands and skies with a brush and a lens. 



"Bridges: Sharing our Past to Enrich Our Future"

Endorsed by the Nebraska 150 Commission as a “Signature Event,” Hildegard Center for the Arts, in collaboration with the Nebraska Tourism Commission and the Nebraska State Historical Society, issued a call to both amateur and professional photographers to capture images of historic sites or hidden treasures from all 93 Nebraska counties. Photographers were invited to share photos of community or personal significance to tell Nebraska’s story. Over 800 photo submissions were received! 

"Red Cloud Heritage Center"


-Heritage Center at the Red Cloud Indian School

On loan from their permanent collection

"Horses N' Hills; Visions of Western, NE"

-Rick Yusten & Joan Buckles

Rick Yusten Bio:

Rick's paintings are currently displayed at the Prairie Edge Art Gallery in Rapid City, South Dakota. He resides in Gordon, Nebraska, where he has a  studio.

Joan Buckles Bio:

Joan Buckles has always been inspired by “The Horse,” from the time she was a first grader and saw the photo of “The Horse Fair” by Rosa Bonheur. Her husband, Buck, used saddle horses and work horses, daily, giving her an opportunity to use her camera to capture many future paintings. Her work can be viewed at The     Italian Inn and The Chamber of Commerce store in Gordon, NE. 

"The Backroads in Pixel & Paint"

- Beth & Gary Cole

Gary Cole: Someone once said, "I need to take photographs because I could never explain how beautiful something is with words."  Pictures truly are worth a thousand words.  I think it is important to take photographs that include the human element, to touch one's emotion in some way. 

Beth Cole:

I paint from life and photographs I take on my drives across Nebraska.  Once I find a scene or a photograph I want to paint, I create a small thumbnail sketch using simple shapes and values.  I always try to remember why I love the scene I am painting and try to bring the mod and atmosphere into it. 

"24th Anniversary Show"

-Judged and Jurried Exhibition

Carnegie’s 24th annual Anniversary Show.  We call out to Artists from all over to enter their work of various media, concepts, and subject matter.  The exhibit included 45 artists and 100 pieces of work.  All media and age groups are represented, with amateurs and professionals alike.  This show is selected through a jury process, then once hung was  judged and ribbons were awarded. 

"Losing Ground"

-Sandra Williams

The subject of my work contains variations on the theme of ecotone, the area where two communities meet and integrate. Traditionally, the term refers to ecological communities, such as the zone where the plains and desert meet the rainforest and the biodiversity that occurs there. Yet it can also refer the zone where “nature” and “culture” intersect—where city meets the preexisting natural environment and the tension resulting from this intersection. It may also refer to a metaphorical overlapping of narrative and place.

 The stark contrast of cut paper is reflective of the investigation of physical, ecological and cultural boundaries. The stories and fables I select are narratives that ultimately attempt to destabilize the modern notion of an unbridgeable boundary between ‘human’ and ‘animal’. I continue to investigate and describe the conflict between human and animal, hoping to reveal what animals teach us about our humanity.



Ricki Klages


Ricki Klages has been an exhibiting artist since 1984.  Her paintings have been exhibited both nationally and internationally, She has received many awards in Juried exhibitions, and has been published in the International Painting Annual, through Manifest Gallery and Drawing Center four times. 

Ricki started teaching at the University of Wyoming in the Department of Art in 1995. She returned to the University with her husband and two children after an extended three year leave of absence in northern Italy in the Lake District at the foothills of the Alps.  It was there that she learned the Italian arts of drinking fine wine, eating great food and relaxation.  She has been the Head of the Department of Art and Professor of Painting at the University of Wyoming for eleven years.

"Holdiay Show"

MelloDe McCart


My medium is pastels – colored pencils and colored inks combined.  The subjects that I’m drawn to are the innocence of youth, the life stories in an old face and the movement and majesty in nature.  I also mat my own work and make my own frames out of recycled materials.   I customize my frames to enhance the subject in my drawings.


"Holdiay Show"

The Valentine Sand Painters Guild


Featured in the upstairs galleries we have 16 talented artists from the Valentine Sand Painters. The Sand Painters Art Club is an organization open to all persons interested in the creation and or promotion of the visual arts.  With emphasis in the North Central Nebraska and south Central South Dakota area. It was formed in 1965 by Veronica Heelan, Betty Kime and Alice Cumbow and is a charter member of the Association of Nebraska Art Clubs.


Ashley Dudden


I am inspired by nature, typography and surrealism.  After I studied Fine Arts at The University of Lincoln-Nebraska. I moved back to my hometown in Western Nebraska to be closer to my family. Back home I was able to set up a studio and get back to painting, drawing and photographing.

"West of the Heartland"

David Dorsey, Mary Hunt, and Michelle Denton


Three people with similar roots grounded in faith, family values, a strong work ethic and an artistic nature that could not be denied.  Those values come through in diverse ways in the work of Michele Denton, David Dorsey, and Mary B. Hunt. 

"Association of Nebraska 

Art Clubs 

Travelling Show"


The Association of Nebraska Art Clubs is unique in that it is the only club in the United States that supports all the art clubs in the state. We host a conference every year where we invite a nationally known artist to judge work from all over the state.  The top 25 pieces travel the state, displayed throughout the year.  


"Red Cloud Heritage Center"


An amazing show full of meaningful concepts that mixed modern art with traditional heritage. 




"Abstract Expressionism"

Richard Markoff


Vibrant, pop art take on female portraits and birds of prey. 



-Kyren Conley


A collection of portraits and prairie subjects all painted in oils with vibrant and inventive color pallets


"Rodeo Highlights"

-Pam Hynek


Pam started off a rodeo photographer and branched into painting her subject matter.

"Cool and Colorful"


-Katrina Methot Swanson


Gorgeous smooth and detailed collection of oils.  The show included garden gems, vintage bicycles, city scapes, and hot rod cars. 


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