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"Bridges: Sharing our Past to Enrich Our Future"

-Touring Photography contest sponsored by the NE 150th Commission, Hildegard Center for the Arts, and NE Tourism Commision




Endorsed by the Nebraska 150 Commission as a “Signature Event,” Hildegard Center for the Arts, in collaboration with the Nebraska Tourism Commission and the Nebraska State Historical Society, issued a call to both amateur and professional photographers to capture images of historic sites or hidden treasures from all 93 Nebraska counties. Photographers were invited to share photos of community or personal significance to tell Nebraska’s story. Over 800 photo submissions were received! 


Studio Gallery

"The Long and Short of It"

-Denver Co Artist, Stephanie Berve


 SEP 25-NOV 10


Artist Statement:


Here’s the long and short of it: I began my work investigating species of birds that are non-native to America, just like most Americans are “Non-Native”.  I wanted to show these creatures, set with a golden backdrop, as conquerors.  The second half of my work is an act of grieving. 

In July, with a handful of unfinished paintings of birds, my first pregnancy ended at six weeks.  I was shocked, derailed, and empty.  I was drowning and felt so alone.  Yet, I had work to do.  But the work didn’t seem as urgent as it once had.  So I changed direction.


According to my doctor, one in four pregnancies ends in miscarriage.  That little bit of information helped calm my turbulent mind but it didn’t help me feel any less isolated.  There are droves of websites dedicated to the risk factors of miscarriage by age, race, weight, or how far along your pregnancy is.  None of it prepares you for when it actually happens to you.  None of it prepares you for the bone crushing weight of grief that forces you down to earth.  You are shocked and alone because, thought it happens to so many, no one talks about it.


I’m investigating the loss and hopelessness I felt immediately after being told my pregnancy was at an end.  Through this work I am putting and image to grief.  More specifically, the type of grief felt after losing something so precious.  Hopefully, it will bring solace to other women affected by such a loss.  And hopefully it will begin to open the conversation to bring understanding to an event that all women know as a possibility but none ever expects.


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