Garwood- Skala Galleries

"The Backroads in Pixel & Paint"

- Beth & Gary Cole

Exhibit Dates: May 16 - June 25

Reception:  Jun 24th 1:30-3:30PM  (Public welcome!)


Artist Statement

Gary Cole: Someone once said, "I need to take photographs because I could never explain how beautiful something is with words."  Pictures truly are worth a thousand words.  I think it is important to take photographs that include the human element, to touch one's emotion in some way.  I try to make my work unique, most photographs you will not see anywhere else.  I try to take them on the artful side rather than the technical side, to include awe and wonderment, to be something you want to remember, someplace you want to be, and something that makes your heart smile.

I must admit, probably the most exciting part of photography is the travel, the searching, the exploring, and the adventure.  I try to get light, content, composition, and emotion to come together, and that's what I share through my photography. 


Beth Cole:

I paint from life and photographs I take on my drives across Nebraska.  Once I find a scene or a photograph I want to paint, I create a small thumbnail sketch using simple shapes and values.  I always try to remember why I love the scene I am painting and try to bring the mod and atmosphere into it. 


After experimenting with acrylic, water color, oil and pastel, I have chosen to work primarily with oil and sometimes pastel.  I like the way oil paint glides over the canvas and allows for blending and layering.  I uses brushes, a palette knife and sometimes my hands to get the effects I'm after.

As you consider my work, I hope you will think about how it makes you feel.  I hope to convey mood and atmosphere in my paintings, also a sense of place and rootedness.  I like painting imperfection because I am imperfect and I think imperfection is a true reflection of the world in which we live.  I hope my paintings help you connect with emotions that can't necessarily be expressed in words.


Studio Gallery


-Karen Debolt

May 16- Jun 24


 Bio: I was born and raised in Rapid City, South Dakota, and now live nearby in the Black Hills.  While growing up my family often went up in to these same hills, and we also ventured into the nearby Badlands area almost every weekend.  These times were filled with many adventures and included camping and fishing, panning for gold, picnicking,  hiking, snowmobiling, and exploring trails in the infamous green station wagon, a 1959 four door, that could go anywhere a four wheel drive could go, and my Dad proved that on many occasions, with me screaming from the back of the wagon on vertical ascents!  As a young girl I took an interest in sketching, trying to preserve the 'views' of the beauty and solitude of Nature.

As I grew up and started my own family I tried to continue drawing and had also added painting with acrylics, but the duties of raising 3 children made opportunities to draw and paint limited. In time as my children grew and became more independent, I returned to my love of Art. I took a watercolor class from a local artist, Joyce Johnson, but did not seriously pursue watercolor until 2013, when my Mother's health began to fail. Using watercolors helped give me something to focus on during this difficult time. 

Since then, I have kept up the practice and find it to be a fun and challenging medium. I am deeply surprised at how much I have grown to love it, and how I can spend hours creating detailed watercolors. When painting now, I begin each work for my love of it, and if anyone else loves what I have done too, it is considered a bonus!

Recently, my daughter convinced me to start a facebook page -Watercolors by Karen DeBolt-as a way of encouraging me to share my paintings. At first it was very hard to share my work, but it became a way to push me to continue to learn and grow, and allows me to see my own progression.

The paintings  featured at the Carnegie represent my personal view of Nature.


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