19 Reasons Arts are Essential 19 Reasons to Support the Arts 

19 Reasons Art is Essential, 19 Reasons to Support the Arts

For the next 19 days explore with Carnegie Arts Center the ways art is essential to our community and your lives. If you wish to donate in any ammount that is meaningful to you, please visit https://www.facebook.com/donate/1373673449498499/?fundraiser_source=external_url to donate or you can use the donation button below! Your donation is essential to ensuring art lives in our community!  Or through our Paypal Giving Fund which you can get to by clicking on any of the images on this page!  If you wish to donate by check you can mail a check to Carnegie Arts Center, 204 W 4th St. Alliance, NE 69301!  Thank you for your support!!  Every bit helps!!! 

DAY 1. Art is Essential.

Why Support the Arts? YOU LIVE IN ART. Arts are an integral part of the human experience. Art is so ingrained into your life that your hardly recognize the daily things you interact with as art. Perhaps you decorate your body with art. The hats, jewelry, piercings, tattoos, and clothes you wear are artistic forms you use to express yourself. The bedspreads, pictures, knickknacks, and even shower curtain you select for your home all include imagery, colors, and patterns. An artist created those designs and objects that you feel REPRESENT YOU.



DAY 2. Art is Essential.

Why Support the Arts? YOU MIGHT NOT REALIZE IT BUT, YOU DO ART. You don’t have to be a professional artist to enjoy taking pictures, doodling, drawing, gardening, decorating, crafting, crocheting, quilting, building, sculpting, or painting. THESE ARE ALL ARTISTIC FORMS! Creating in whatever form you choose can provide satisfaction, pleasure, and pride.


DAY 3. Art is Essential. 
Why Support the Arts?
CREATING ART IS IMPORTANT AND MEANINGFUL TO THOSE YOU LOVE. Carnegie’s Art Education Outreach serves all grades of Alliance Public Schools, Hemmingford High School, the Senior Center, Highland Park Care Center, Highland Park Assisted Living, the Office of Human Development, ARC After School Program, and Heritage Days’ Art in the Park.



DAY 4.

Art is Essential.

Why Support the Arts? ART IMPROVES MENTAL HEALTH. Americans for the Arts state that 69 percent of the population believe the arts “lift me up beyond everyday experiences,” 73 percent feel the arts give them “pure pleasure to experience and participate in,” and 81 percent say the arts are a “positive experience in a troubled world.” Nearly one-half of the nation’s healthcare institutions provide arts programming for patients, families, and even staff. 78 percent deliver these programs because of their healing benefits to patients—shorter hospital stays, better pain management, and less medication.



Day 5.

Art is Essential.

Why Support the Arts? ART IMPROVES THINKING. Students engaged in arts learning have higher GPAs, standardized test scores, and college-going rates as well as lower drop-out rates. These academic benefits are reaped by students regardless of socio-economic status. Yet, the Department of Education reports that access to arts education for students of color is significantly lower than for their white peers. –taken from Americans for the Arts.

Day 6.

Art is Essential.
Why Support the Arts? ART UNIFIES PEOPLE. Americans for the Arts state 72 percent of Americans believe “the arts unify our communities regardless of age, race, and ethnicity” and 73 percent agree that the arts “helps me understand other cultures better”—a perspective observed across all demographic and economic categories.

Day 7.

Art is Essential.

Why Support the Arts? ART IS GOOD FOR THE ECONOMY. The production of all arts and cultural goods in the U.S. (e.g., nonprofit, commercial, education) added $804 billion to the economy in 2016, including a $25 billion international trade surplus. This was a larger share of the nation’s economy (4.3 percent) than transportation, tourism, and agriculture Arts travelers are ideal tourists, staying longer and spending more to seek out authentic cultural experiences.

Day 8.

Why Support the Arts? ENGAGING IN ART DEVELOPS REAL WORLD SKILLS: For the past two years Carnegie has employed a senior high school student as an intern. Carnegie provides these students with an opportunity to work alongside and provide arts experiences to individuals of all ages and abilities.  They are trained and educated how to plan, prepare, and conduct their art own classes.  These tasks provide invaluable leadership, management, and critical problem solving skills. Americans for the Arts sate that creativity is among the top 5 applied skills sought by business leaders, per the Conference Board’s Ready to Innovate report—with 72 percent saying creativity is of high importance when hiring. 

Day 9.

Art is Essential

Why Support the Arts? ART GOES BEYOND THE WALL: Art is wonderfully fluid.  Many people think of “art” as visual object in a museum or gallery, or something you purchase as decorative item on the wall of a home. Art IS SO MUCH MORE! Art can be functional, educational, informative and expressive.

Day 10.

Arts Are Essenital

Why Support the Arts? ART HELPS YOU BE YOU: Arts subjects encourage self-expression and creativity and can build confidence as well as a sense of INDIVIDUAL IDENTITY. Ever had someone gift you a clothes or a decoration and you thought, “It’s nice, but it’s just not ME.”  That’s because we use art on a daily basis to represent ourselves.  From the things you adorn your body with, the items you have in your home, or to the music you listen to, you are using art to EXPRESS who YOU feel you ARE.   


Day 11.

Arts Are Essential

Why Support the Arts? ART KEEPS AN OPEN MIND: Because the definition of “what is art” is so diverse, there is NO ONE RIGHT ANSWER. Every month Carnegie teaches an outreach project.  Because it is offsite, we cannot bring everything, so the students are given the same base materials, with a smattering of decorative elements to add their own creative flare. NEVER has any two pieces looked the exact same, yet are all beautiful and wonderful in their own way. So often in life we are presented with problems that have multiple solutions. Creating art can teach us that it is OK not to have the “right” answer. It eases the fear of being “WRONG”, and builds confidence in our decision making ability. 

Day 12.

Arts Are Essential

Why Support the Arts? ART TEACHES RESILIENCE: Studying the arts teaches determination and resilience – qualities useful to any career. It teaches us that it is okay to fail, to not get things totally right the first time and to have the courage to start again. Creating things is a PROCESS.  Raised in a world of technology with instantaneous results so readily accessible at your fingertips, it is important to engage in creative endeavors that demonstrate the rewards of taking our time, following through, and developing patience. 

Day 13.

Arts Are Essential

Why Support the Arts? THE NEED TO CREATE IS AS BASIC AS IT GETS: Evidence of humans creating artwork dates back Middle Paleolithic 100,000 to 50,000 years ago.  The existence of cave drawings demonstrate that right along with humans basic needs for survival, there was a NEED to create and communicate through visual imagery.

Day 14.

Arts Are Essential

Why Support the Arts? ART IS APPLICABLE TO ALL LEARNING: Think back to your first books. All first books included illustrations.  The images helped to enhance your understanding of the words, to create a visual association with their meaning. During your school years, many text books of ALL subjects included pictures and illustrations. Again, to enhance your ability to conceptualize that subject. Even as an adult now, the TV shows, news reports, documentaries that you watch. They all are enhanced with visual imagery.  Whether it be photographs, drawings, illustrations, or advertisements… it is intuitively understood that visual representations transcend language and help to develop a deeper level of understanding about any topic being presented to you. 

Day 15.

Arts Are Essential

Why Support the Arts? IT LOWERS STRESS: We all experience stress in one form or another and how we cope with that stress varies.  But did you know, that according to the Journal of the American Art Therapy Association, a group found significant evidence that making art can lower stress and anxiety. The group measured the Cortisol levels of 39 healthy adults. Cortisol is a hormone that helps the body respond to stress. They found that 45 minutes of creating art in a studio setting with an art therapist significant lowered cortisol levels.  What’s even better, is that the paper also showed that there were no differences in health outcomes between people who identify as experienced artists and people who don't. So that means that no matter your skill level, you'll be able to feel all the good things that come with making art.

Day 16.

Arts Are Essential

Why Support the Arts? ART IS THERAPUETIC:  Art therapy is widely practiced and used to help with life enrichment and healing for all ages. Children especially, may not have the vocabulary to fully express their thoughts or emotions verbally.  Art can be a tool to communicate how they feel or what they are thinking.

Day 17.

Arts Are Essential 

Why Support the Arts? ART TRANSCENDS LANGUAGE: Of course language and writing are essential for expression, but not everyone has the ability or language skills to adequately express their thoughts. For people of different cultures and languages, art can serve as visual language, which helps comprehend the message much faster than words and also makes a lasting impact. Whether the artwork originates from India, England, or America, you don’t need to know the dialect to understand what they’re saying because visually it speaks the same universal language.


Day 18.

Arts Are Essential 

Why Support the Arts? ART TRANSCENDS IMAGINATION: It makes you time travel to other locations, without you ever leaving that spot. For example, if you see a medieval times painting – looking at their clothing, expressions and environment; makes you feel you’re right there with them. When you look at paintings, your brain starts working overtime and pondering what is the artist trying to say through their artwork. The colors, brushstrokes, texture; each tell a story. Also, art is subjective – everyone perceives it as per their understanding and the beauty is no one is ever wrong with their views.

Day 19.

Arts Are Essential

Why Support the Arts? ART ADDS VALUE TO LIFE: As we’ve expressed, art can be anything and be everywhere.  Imagine a world without art, music, poetry, and stories. Such a world would lack the expression of much human creativity. It would be uninteresting, utilitarian, and devoid of entertainment, enjoyment, and the joy of living. Self-expression through language, music, and imagery is an essential part of being human.


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